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The Medical Staff Office is here to serve our Medical and Allied Health Professional Staff at St Mary’s. Some of the items that are handled by Medical Staff Services are:
  • Credentialing and re-credentialing of all physicians and allied health practitioners.
  • Maintaining numerous physician information data banks, that includes information such as education training, experience, and licensure
  • Reviewing and implementing various federal rulings and accrediting body standards pertaining to the functions of the medical and/or provider staff
  • Establishing systems to facilitate meetings and communication between physicians, both within and outside their specialties, as well as with a hospital’s administration
  • Assisting the medical staff in Developing, establishing and enforcing bylaws, rules and regulations, and policies
  • and much more! Let us know how we can assist you!!!

Contact Information: MSO Team

Terri Sartain, CPCS Medical Staff Services Director Phone (706) 389-3840 Fax (706) 389-3839
Elaine White Credentialing Specialist, Sacred Heart Hospital Phone (706) 356-7825 Fax (706) 356-7828
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