St. Mary's Sacred Heart

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367 Clear Creek Parkway  •  Lavonia, GA 30553

At St. Mary’s Sacred Heart, we understand your spiritual well-being is essential to your overall health. Thus, spiritual care can be vital to your healing and recovery and is an important component of the healthcare you receive at Sacred Heart. Healthcare at Sacred Heart, therefore addresses the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Volunteer Clergy are available daily to listen and provide pastoral support as well as prayer. These dedicated pastors serving as healthcare chaplains, minister to persons of all religious and cultural traditions or those with no religious beliefs or affiliation. Their services are provided under the direction of the board-certified professionally trained healthcare chaplains of St. Mary’s Health Care System.

When Should I Ask for a Chaplain?

All persons have spiritual needs, especially in times of illness. When confronted with a new chronic condition, a life-threatening illness, or lifestyle changes due to illness or aging, one may become overwhelmed, or experience spiritual distress. One may feel angry, afraid, anxious, guilty, lonely, abandoned, hopeless, or a lack of purpose/meaning. Or perhaps one just needs to talk or pray. These are the times the healthcare chaplain can be helpful. If you would like to see a Chaplain, tell your nurse.

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