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This helpful page highlights important patient and visitor information.

Patients are the most important people at St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital. We are here to meet your needs and strive to exceed your expectations for compassionate, high-quality care. Our staff is available to help with requests for interpretation, assist with advance directives and to ensure your right to the best care possible. If you have any concerns or need more information about your inpatient or outpatient visit to St. Mary’s Sacred Heart, please call us.

About Your Stay

Information for patients coming to St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital, especially those who expect to be admitted for at least one night.

Insurance Information

St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital is contracted with the numerous insurance or managed care plans.

Financial Assistance Information

In keeping with our mission and commitment to our community, St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital offers several payment options and financial assistance programs for our patients.

Rights and Responsibilities

St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital's statement of Patient Rights and Responsibilities, including information about seeking external review from the State of Georgia and the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Patient Safety

St. Mary's Sacred Heart Hospital is committed to the safety of our patients, from reducing the risk of infection to ensuring your doctor has all the information needed to prescribe the right medicine for you. Patient Safety is a growing field in modern health care, and you — as a patient or a patient's loved one — are the most important member of the team.

Your Privacy

The full text of St. Mary’s Sacred Heart's Summary of Privacy Practices, available in English and Spanish.

Patients with Disabilities

St. Mary's Sacred Heart Hospital, as part of St. Mary's Health Care system is committed to providing the highest quality of care to all patients. We strive to ensure all patients with disabilities have reasonable and equal access to our facilities.

Language Services

To request any kind of language interpretation services, please call case management at (706) 395-0554.

Inpatient Care Concerns

A social worker  is available for patients and their loved ones to voice compliments or concerns for improved care and service. To voice a concern for internal review, please contact (706) 356-7842.

St. Mary’s Ethics Committee

St. Mary's Ethics Committee is available to review ethical questions and can be reached at (706) 356-7842. Please ask to speak to a chaplain to facilitate this service.

Advance Directives for Health Care

Advance directives are written instructions regarding your medical care preferences. Download a copy of Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care.

Release of Information

As a patient, you are entitled to obtain copies of your medical records. Here are instructions and guidelines for submitting St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital's authorization form for your paper records. If you have any questions, please call (706) 356-7835.

Visitor Information

We know how much your presence means to a loved one who is in the hospital, so we go the extra mile to make you comfortable.

Website Privacy

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